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Nov 24 2020


12:00 - 13:00

Strategy in crisis time

Language : French

Track : Strategy

PMI Credential holders will earn 1 PDU

Abstract :

Crisis is inevitable. Although the circumstances of an organization crisis vary,
Brightline has uncovered actionable ways an organization can learn from a crisis. In
this presentation, we share the results of a research on the strategic crisis
management conducted by Quartz Insights, in collaboration with Brightline. We
surveyed more than 1200 senior global leaders and executives from government,
non-profit, and the private sector about crisis management, decision making and
organizational strength during and after crisis events.

As people remain key to weather and transform against a crisis, we also discuss the
four tenets of Brightline’s People Manifesto. People form the link between strategy
design and delivery; they turn ideas into reality; they are the strategy and
transformation in motion.

As we live through and emerge from the current COVID-19 crisis, the learnings from
the experiences of hundreds of people who faced the challenges of crises would be
useful to build successful and stronger organizations for the benefits of society.