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Nov 21 2020


12:30 - 13:30

L’agilité au service de l’innovation

Language : French

Track : Innovation

PMI Credential holders will earn 1 PDU

Abstract :

When initiating programs/projects, public/government institutions or private companies
start defining the scope of work, objectives, activities, time scheduling, cost incurred and the
expected quality. Project team members and key stakeholders align their understanding on
these project components in the project kick-off and agree on how and by whom the
project/program should be executed, supervised and steered.
Nevertheless, most complex projects involving diverse actors and numerous stakeholders
need to be adapted when necessary, providing more agility to ensure project execution,
monitoring and closing, and achieve objectives. This agility is particularly needed in projects
that target innovative outcomes such as new optimized/digitized processes, organizations or
information systems. It provides the project team to tailor they project methodology and
their deliverables according to stakeholders’ expectations that could change during the
project execution, due to interdependencies with other initiatives or unforeseen needs or
strong resistance to changes or other external/internal environment miscellaneous reasons.
As lessons learned in that perspective, two examples of projects could be shared demonstrating
how agility and flexibility are real levers serving effective stakeholders involving in a contributive
approach aiming co-building innovative solutions despite their culture and diversity.